Where is Bavaria? What has it to do with beer? And why should you care?

Ladybräu Beer

We make German Beer. Not just any German Beer, we make Bavarian Beer. You maybe know that Germans love beer, but did you know the German state of Bavaria has the worlds oldest brewery?


Bavaria is Germany's biggest state. It is located south-east and boarders to Czech Republic and Austria (both countries are famous for beer as well). For many people Bavaria is the epicentre of beer. Not only because it is home to the worlds oldest Brewery (Weihenstephan), but also because of the sheer amount of breweries and the worlds biggest Beer Festival, the OKTOBERFEST. 

Bavarian Beer

Bavarians have been making beer for more than 1000 years. They have perfected the way of crafting beer that is not only tasty but also has an outstanding quality. Bavaria traditionally hosts various beer styles such as "Helles", "Pils", "Märzen" and "Weißbier", just to name a few. Bavarian beer styles have influenced many world famous beer brands in almost every country.


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